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Considerations for sharing your backyard garden

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There are no restrictions on how you might choose to share your space (though we recommend gardening organically!). However, there are a number of issues you'll need to consider when making arrangements to share your gardening space with another member of the community.

Time Considerations

  • How many hours per week will the garden space be available?
  • On which days of the week?
  • What time of the day?

Tool Considerations

  • Who will supply the tools?
  • Where will they be stored?

Soil Considerations

  • Is there enough soil?
  • Who will pay for soil amendments?
  • What types of amendments are acceptable?

Seeds / Transplants

  • Who will provide the seeds and/or transplants?
  • How will decisions be made about what is grown?

Water Considerations

  • Can the gardener use the owner's hose and water?
  • Who does the watering?
  • When?

Harvest Considerations

  • Who will harvest the food?
  • When?
  • How will the harvest be distributed?

Privacy and Security Considerations

  • Who can enter the garden? (children, partners, friends, pets)
  • What indoor space, if any, can be used? (shed, basement, bathroom)
  • What about locks and gates?
  • Do you have each others' emergency contact numbers?